One of the best 12V-7.2AH Lead Acid Battery on the market

Rull Tech

Thousands of hours go into the planning, architecture and installation of server rooms, security systems, telecoms installations and the protection of cash in transit. 
However, the one key area in the system that could bring it all down is a poor-quality backup battery either as the primary power source or the redundancy. 
For the above applications, we recommend Forbatt Lead Acid Batteries.

When looking for power options for more significant applications, the Forbatt 12V-7.2AH Lead Acid Battery is one of the most highly rated on the market. 
It is the battery of choice for many applications from medical applications to video equipment, railway applications, UPSs', telecoms, cash in transit safes and server rooms.

What makes the Forbatt 12V-7.2AH Lead Acid Battery exceptional is its AGM build. The AGM construction allows the electrolyte to be suspended near the plate’s active material. This enhances both the discharge and recharge efficiency. The result is a battery that performs at its optimum level for longer and more efficiently than rival products. When it comes to the quality of Forbatt Batteries, don’t just take our word for it, ask the market leaders what they think and who they use for critical applications.