Forbatt Batteries – The power to get you off the “Water Grid”

Rull Tech

Living off-grid and independent of local utilities is commonplace in many farming and rural areas and is becoming more prevalent in the urban residential setting. Whether it is securing your requirements for production, easing the municipal burden or doing your bit for the environment, it is now more cost-effective than ever before.


Benefits of Off Grid Systems

  • You are energy independent
  • You can live virtually anywhere or set yourself up in urban areas
  • It is now more cost-effective than ever
  • You have a lower carbon emission footprint


Two developments that have made that dream a possibility are cheaper solar panels and efficient, cost-effective batteries to store the power for use on demand. Batteries such as the FB12-40 Forbatt Lead Acid Battery will drive harvested water pumps, run filters, drive boreholes and store solar energy for use in the home or commercial environment. The FB12-40 Forbatt Lead Acid Battery is the quiet, reliable and durable workhorse behind your chosen solution.