The Power behind fresh water filtration systems

Rull Tech

Rainwater harvesting from rooftops, runoff and other sources is a great way to secure your water supply. Factories and homes are an under-utilised sources of reusable run-off water. Should you implement a water harvesting system you then need to consider processing for reuse.

Water filter pumps driven by battery power that comes via solar energy is becoming the norm for homes and factories. When these options are coupled they make for an excellent, sustainable solution. The FB12-24 Forbatt Lead Acid Battery is an excellent choice for high proficiency freshwater filtration systems. Whether it is small-scale filtration or a commercial grade project, Forbatt Batteries will store the energy needed to drive your project.


The FB12-24 Forbatt Lead Acid Battery, when combined with a water pump and filter can:

  • Fill water tanks
  • Drive portable camp showers - pumping from a drum filled with warm water, great for the tourism industry
  • Drive multi-pass filtration systems for drinking water and much more.
  • There are many benefits to having a system like this in place, but by far the biggest is the return on your investment in the long run. Whether you are in a water restricted zone or not, it makes sense to put in water management systems now.