The power behind sustainable Rainwater Collection and Irrigation Pump Systems

Rull Tech

Rainwater harvesting systems  that capture large amounts of water to use on demand are essential now more than ever in many parts of the country. Rainwater harvesting systems can harvest run-off water for irrigation, manufacturing, retail outlets, office blocks, the home etc. However, once the water is captured, and before it’s distributed, it needs to be stored, processed and pumped as required.

A water pump system driven by batteries connected to a solar solution will not only give you sustainable power, it will also mean water supply on demand, be it for irrigation or other applications. The FB12-18 Forbatt Lead Acid Battery is one of the workhorses for such application. These deep cycle lead acid batteries are the battery of choice for commercial users.

Collecting rainwater is a great way to secure crucial water supply. What was once a rural or peri-urban concern, is a concern for all. At Rull Technologies, we encourage all businesses, households and entities to implement rainwater harvesting initiatives. We have the power you need.