Grid Design Principles: Why Forbatt is a high quality battery

Rull Tech

In a lead-acid battery all active materials, plate grids, straps and connectors are made mostly of lead. Hence, recycling of lead from batteries is an easy process. High quality, well-designed casting grids, straps, terminal posts, and connectors all influence the performance of the battery. The plate grids are the “backbone’’ that support the active material of the two electrodes. Forbatt has formulated strict requirements for the physicochemical properties of lead alloys to be used for plate grid manufacture.

This all results in high quality, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries that are renewable and recyclable. The Forbatt FB12-2.4 Maintenance Free Lead-Acid Battery is such an example. This lead-acid battery case, plates, sulfuric acid, solder, and other metals are 100% recovered for reuse.  The Forbatt sealed lead acid battery range from Rull Technologies performs consistently over time. If you require high quality and extremely durable power back-up solutions Forbatt batteries are the perfect brand of choice.