The most reliable battery for garage doors, gate motors and more!

Rull Tech

The Forbatt range of batteries has undergone rigorous testing to ensure not only excellent longevity but consistent performance for the duration of the battery’s lifespan. Forbatt pays special attention to the active materials and ideal chemistries. Sulfuric acid is one of the three active materials that take part in the reactions in lead-acid batteries. As a result of the reactions of current generation and accumulation in the battery the concentration of H2SO4 in the electrolyte changes.

Lead Acid batteries are the safest on the market because one of their properties is that in the discharged state both the positive and negative plates become lead(II) sulfate (PbSO4), and the electrolyte loses much of its dissolved sulfuric acid and becomes water primarily. Lead acid is not only cost-effective and safe, it's also reliable and recyclable.

When reliability is of the utmost importance for critical applications such as alarm panels, telecoms, UPS's, garage doors and gate motors the recommended brand is Forbatt, and the battery is the FB12V-9AH Forbatt Lead Acid Battery