FB12V-1.4: The development of a quality lead acid battery

Rull Tech

Innovation in battery design and technology is undergoing a new wave of development. Forbatt has kept ahead of the pack and introduced a wider range of options for you to choose from. The lead-acid battery has come a long way and is still by far the most reliable power backup option. If we look at its history, it hit its full stride after World War II stimulated by the rapid development of the automobile, transport and telecommunications industries. The more recent increased demand for reserve (stand-by) energy and the boom of information technology has seen it make a new surge.

Companies such as Forbatt have increased their investment into the research and development of enhancements that give the battery better longevity, make it even more maintenance free and reliable. These consistent developments make Forbatt Lead Acid batteries one of the leaders in the industry.

One of the popular batteries for residential and business applications is the FB12V-1.4.